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Direct Full Loads – Flatbed Trailers

Direct full loads is one of the multiple road haulage services Galaxy Transport offer. With offices in Glasgow and Nottingham, we offer full load services throughout Scotland and the UK. Using 13.6 Mtr / flatbed trailers we operate fully freighted vehicles. With a carrying capacity of around 26 tonnes these trailers provide the most economical means of shipping goods by road on a direct basis.

Items that don’t need protection from weather elements can be loaded onto flatbed trailers. A flatbed trailer is an open sided vehicle with no roof or sides. This means it is easier to load and unload goods by crane or forklift truck. The standard maximum weight capacity is around 44 tonnes. Flatbed trailers come in different sizes and can be used to haul a wide range of goods. Flatbeds are perfect for loads that exceed the dimensions of enclosed vehicles. They are are ideal for transporting large goods like building goods, steel, lumber, generators, drilling/mining equipment, machinery and much more. 

Flatbeds have no sides or pillars, goods are secured manually using ropes and webbing straps. these can be secured by attaching hooks along the sides of the flatbed. Covering loads offers protection from weather. Sheeting with tarpaulin can also be added to cover the loads.  

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Flatbeds and Load Restraints


Loads are securely attached with twist locks. These are locking devices where the load will be securely attached to a vehicle structure; some trailer twist locks are fitted to the trailer during manufacturing. These work with a twist lock mechanism and are attached to a vehicle’s chassis and offer stability with very little to no movement. Spring lashing is a direct lashing with no attachment points to the load unit. This can be in the form of a web lashing placed across the edge of a unit and lashed by means of a slope lashing on either side to prevent any tipping or sliding.


fRICTIONAL LASHing and direct lashing 

Lashing is a method that includes wire ropes, chains and webbings. It’s purpose is to tie loads together or to keep contact between the load and load platform. Direct lashing methods include loop lashing, spring lashing and straight/cross lashing. Loop and spring lashing is a method where the lashing device is connected on the load carrier. Loop lashing is when a load is lashed to one side of a vehicle by looping around the unit. These lashings must be used in pairs to avoid sliding. 


Top over and straight across lashing 

Top over lashing is a method of frictional lashing which involves lashings being placed over the top of a load to prevent any sliding or tipping and by pressing the load to the vehicle bed keeping the load tight and secure. 

Straight across lashing is when goods are secured on the load carrier and also strapped/fastened on the load itself and can restrict movement from moving either forwards or backwards.


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